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Enterprise Architecture and Governance

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SSi Experience

SSi has a history of supporting a variety of working groups and governance activities to support Departmental mandates. Our team has on-the-ground experience supporting architecture and information management projects within and across other Federal Agencies, establishing new working groups, identifying the subject matter experts (SME) to participate in internal work efforts, as well as team that is capable of engaging Senior IT Executives to gain their commitment.

SSi Approach to Enterprise Governance

Includes streamlining Enterprise Governance initiatives, collaborate and integrate Line of Business (LOB) information through the collection, analysis, presentation, and reporting. Support the development of architecture (segment, business, applications, services, data, technology, and performance).

Common areas for SSi business Approach

Because the EA serves as the means to evaluate, plan, and communicate the current and target state about the Agencies IT environment, the EA must use the most up-to-date framework, incorporate lessons-learned, foster communication, and usage. The SSi Approach includes:

  • Actively participating in program or investment governance reviews for both acquisition and architectural decisions, as well as performance reviews;
  • Providing direct support and guidance to high risk programs due to insufficient architecture and  management practices
  • Assist in establishing new working groups, as well as subject matter expertise and guidance for difficult stewardship issues.
  • Supporting working groups formed to address consistency and quality efforts
  • Providing administrative support for collaborative or working group meeting

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