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Cyber Security

What Will SSi Provide

Continuous Diagnostics And Mitigation (CDM) Technical Implementation
Includes delivery of current and future CDM capabilities to Agencies by continuing the implementation of Phase 1 and 2 capabilities, extend to cloud and mobile, implement capabilities for network and physical security controls, ongoing assessment and authorization, advanced data protections.

Continuous Diagnostics And Mitigation (CDM) Engineering Support
This included facilitating communications, identifying risks, driving the analysis of those risks, and ensuring mitigation measures are put in place by refining operational processes within project scope included Change Management, Incident Management, Release Management, and Configuration Management.

Independent Verification And Validation
Includes Security Operations Center (SOC) Support Services responsible to monitor, detect, analyze, mitigate, and respond to cyber threats and adversarial activity across an Enterprise. Provide Independent Verification and Validation by reviewing and performing analysis, communicating results, tracking V&V packages, and provide updates to be included in audit reports.

Training And Support
Includes development, communication, and execution of Cybersecurity Training and awareness program’s strategy by developing, maintaining, and supporting training materials for Cybersecurity Training Program to ensure an informed, alert, and security-conscious workforce.

Today's Cyber Landscape

Improving the cybersecurity posture in accordance with Executive Order 13800 on Strengthening the Cybersecurity of Federal Networks and Critical Infrastructure is instrumental in protecting the critical infrastructure by adopting a common enterprise security solution across Agencies and throughout its life cycle is constantly changing and dynamic to keep pace with the evolving cyber threats by supporting each phase:

  • Phase 1: What is on the network?
  • Phase 2: Who is on the network?
  • Phase 3: What is happening on the network?
  • Phase 4: How is the data protected?

SSi Approach

  • Work with agencies technical team to identify policy gaps that could affect the operationalization of the tools.
  • Work with cost Team to review cost estimates and ensure lessons learned have been addresses in the lifecycle cost estimates.
  • Mitigate, coordinate with engineers to identify which CDM tools/sensors from the CDM solution do NOT conform to requirements.
  • Implement dialogue with organizational entities within an Agency to properly scope pending efforts.
  • Engineering support that identifies current capacity limitations, workable scalability alternatives, and industry best practices, to maximize performance.
  • Document Future Dashboard Enhancement.
  • Execute against a common program governance model to ensure effective and timely decision making.
  • Develop operational processes to support change management, incident management, and problem management functions. Provides performance reports and statistics for leadership reporting.
  • Provide technical engineering expertise to coordination with stakeholders and mitigate systems technical risks and vulnerabilities.

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