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Who is Sharp Solutions, Inc

Our customers are our first priority. We seek to maximize outcomes for our customers by providing an unique set of services through best practices and lessons learned. We strive to deliver positive experiences that are customer-focused, proactive, and best practice based by focusing on your daily needs. Our job as IT professionals is to understand your objectives and align our efforts so we can deliver according to your priorities.

SSi Philosophy

Increase collaboration to improve reuse, develop business processes and solutions that meet the needs of the business community and support their mission.
Improve strategic planning and execution of business capabilities to ensure solutions are flexible and elastic. Utilize the intrinsic strengths of individuals to provide visionary solutions that meet the business challenges that are facing today’s Information Technology (IT) environments.

Enterprise Architecture and Governance

Enterprise Architecture and Governance Program Management and Consulting Services Cloud Service Management IT Category/Asset/Software Management Cybersecurity

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Cloud Service Management

Includes framework assessment, devising a comprehensive evaluation plan, strategy and methodology for service model, services management, analysis and assessment of enterprise services. Develop service management process, service performance audits, provide aggressive auditing, and reporting on the delivery of services by their Providers.

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Program Management and Consulting Services

SSi management and consulting services equip leaders and organizations with specialized expertise and reality-tested methods to solve a broad range of management and mission related challenges

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IT Category/Asset/Software Management

SSi has provided effective governance, oversight, establish priorities, guidance, and align priorities to DHS Chief Information Officer (CIO) Strategic Plan and Roadmap to OMB policies.

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SSi has vast knowledge and experience in the CDM solution, which instrumental in protecting the critical infrastructure by adopting a common enterprise security solution across the Federal Government.

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